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Onsite Visits

Regularly Scheduled

Onsite Visits

Most of our clients have found the most beneficial service we offer to be our weekly onsite visits. This is because by visiting regularly, we are able to identify problems before they become an injury.

When onsite, our team member walks through the facility and touches base with employees that need assistance. We help with implementing ergonomics strategies and discuss general stretching that could help counter repetitive movements or job tasks. In doing so, we are proactively getting ahead of an injury before it comes to fruition.

We have experience working in a variety of settings, ranging from quiet office environments to busy, noisy and fast paced production facilities. Our staff is always prepared with steel-toed shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection and safety vests. When onsite, we are always very conscious of safety as well as production. We strive to assist employees without disrupting production.

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