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Currently Serving 23 Fox Valley Locations

JJ Keller & Associates, Inc

Galloway Company

Menasha Packaging

Zebra Technologies


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TIDI Products


WS Packaging Group



Alta Resources

Safety Presentations

We deliver tailored presentations that meet the needs of your company and employees. Presentations are developed to help foster awareness regarding ergonomics and safety best practices.

Onsite Visits

Our onsite staff currently visits 23 Fox Valley locations on a regular basis. During these visits, we work with employees on health, wellness and safety topics. By being onsite regularly, we can act proactively instead of reactively, greatly reducing work related injuries.

All Shifts Covered

Many of our clients have employees working around the clock. Our onsite staff develops  schedules that ensure we touch base with all shifts on a regular basis. On top of that, we are available outside of our scheduled times to assist employees during all shifts..

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